Thursday, October 16, 2014

VB Controls PE Series Solid State Relays, available at Solid State Relay Store, have improved On-State resistance, which decreases conduction losses and improves power efficiency. The PE0675, a 60Vpk 75Amp solid state relay has decreased On-State resistance from 0.008 to 0.0028 ohms. Conduction losses decrease from 45 to 16 watts at 75 Amps. The PE0675 solid state relay's low conduction loss means cool operation. It can conduct 40A without a dedicated heat sink. Just mount it to a smooth metal surface with at least 10 square inches surface area for up to 40 amperes continuous operation or use our smallest heat sink for the full 75A. The PE0675 peak surge current increased to 1200 Amps, and all PE Series solid state relays handle 120% current for 10 seconds without degradation (75A x 120% = 90A). Furthermore, the PE0675 is still blazing fast at 20 microsecond response time, control input to relay output.
   The PE0630, PE1012, PE1025 and PE1050 solid state relays decreased On-State resistance for approximately 20% lower conduction losses and still have 15 microsecond response time. They join the PE0675 and PE1075 with ultra-low loss operation. Our solid state relays are quick and run cool. The PE0630 and PE0675 solid state relays are rated for 60Vpk and are ideal for use in systems up to 36VDC. The PE1012, PE1025, PE1050 and PE1075 solid state relays are typically used in 48VDC systems and are recommended for use in up to 60V systems. The PE Series includes 60Vpeak, 100Vpk, 200Vpk, 600Vpk and 900Vpk models. Visit our store or call 540-822-9228 and ask for Steve.